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Samson Technologies began designing wireless microphone systems in 1980. Today, we are an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio with three notable brands: Samson, Hartke, and Michael Kelly Guitars. Our products are sold and distributed in over 140 countries worldwide.

Who We Are

Who We Are

In 1980, Samson introduced our first wireless microphone system. Over the years, Samson has become a leader in the wireless field. In the early '90s, we began to expand the reach of our audio products through the development of power amplifiers, mixers, wired microphones, and signal processors. In 2005, we introduced the first professional USB microphones to be used by musicians, broadcasters, and podcast enthusiasts. Our USB microphones are an industry standard for content creators.

Who We Are
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User-Centric Design

At Samson, we strive to simplify the lives of all musicians with accessible, high-performance audio gear that delivers tremendous value. From our USB microphones and micro wireless technology to portable PA systems and accessories, our goal is to lower the barrier of entry for anyone who needs professional audio for any application.

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Product Innovation

Over forty years Samson has grown from a small two-person operation to a worldwide enterprise, dedicated to innovating new products that will enhance the lives of music and broadcast professionals everywhere.

  • 1980

    First Consumer Wireless System

    The Samson TR2 was available in three channels and operated in the 49MHz band.

  • 1985

    Frequency Selectable Wireless

    The Broadcast Series featured the PR-50 a rackmount receiver with channel selection, one of 10 VHF channels could be chosen. This made Samson wireless a must have on pro tours.

  • 1986

    Doug with Broadcast STD in Samson timeline

    True Diversity Wireless

    Concert TD Series wireless was the first to feature this dual antenna design that improved RF reception and helped to eliminated dropouts in auditorium and stadium settings.

  • 1987

    Stage Series on Samson timeline

    Stage Series

    The original Stage Series made high quality VHF wireless affordable to everyone.

  • 1990

    UHF series in samson timeline

    First UHF System

    The UHF Series brought this frequency band to the masses and was a staple in touring sound racks.

  • 1992

    UHF Synth 5 on Samson timeline

    UHF Synth (aka Synth 5) First multichannel UHF wireless system

    Synth 5 was the game changer, the UR5D Dual Receiver and UH5 and UT5 transmitters was the perfect touring combo that made every venue a RF paradise.

  • 1993

    MPL2242 on samson timeline

    Samson Audio is launched with the MPL2242 Mixer

    Samson begins its line of Audio products in addition to wireless systems. The MPL2242, a 22 input, 4-buss mixer is the perfect match for the nascent project studio market.

  • 1996

    UHF Synth 6 on Samson timeline

    Synth 6

    The UHF Synth Series 6 added frequency scanning and computer control to Samson's wireless line.

  • 1997

    concert IV on Samson timeline

    Concert IV

    Samson brings affordable contractor quality diversity wireless systems to the masses with Concert IV.

  • 1999

    Airline Fitness for samson timeline

    AirLine Wireless

    Samson Introduces AirLine Wireless so performers, instructors, presenters and members of clergy can move freely, without body packs!

  • 2000

    expedition portable pa on samson timeline

    Expedition Portable PA

    Samson enters the rechargeable portable PA market with the launch of the EX10, EX20, and EX30 models.

  • 2002

    s-class processors in Samson timeline

    S Class Processors

    With the rise of the home studio, Samson enters the rackmount processor market with seven rack mount processors.

  • 2005

    C01U on Samson timeline

    C01U — the world's first studio condenser USB mic

    With the introduction of the C01U Samson ushered in a new wave of high quality, easy-to-use microphones that connected directly to a computer without the need for an audio interface.

  • 2006

    Q1U on Samson Timeline

    First Dynamic USB mic

    The Q1U allows high quality dynamic microphone to be attached to a computer paving the way for the Q2U.

  • 2009

    Go Mic on Samson timeline

    Go Mic

    Great audio capture in a portable package for laptops, desktops, and even smartphones is in reach with the multi-pattern Go Mic USB microphone.

  • 2012

    Graphite 49 on Samson timeline

    Graphite 49

    Samson's MIDI controller line is expanded with the addition of the Graphite 49 with its semi-weighted keyboard, customizable control functions, programmable faders, and velocity-sensitive trigger pads.

  • 2014

    MXP Mixers on Samson timeline

    MXP Mixers

    Samson's MXP mixers add USB connectivity with their FX models allowing mixdown and capture via a connected computer.

  • 2015

    Concert 288 on Samson Timeline

    Concert 288

    Concert 288 Dual Channel Frequency agile wireless brings reliable multi-channel, multiple mic wireless technology to the masses.

  • 2017

    Go Mic Mobile on samson timeline

    Go Mic Mobile

    Once again, Samson revolutionizes wireless with Go Mic Mobile for smart phone wireless audio.

  • 2019

    G track Pro Samson timeline

    G-Track Pro

    The G-Track Pro is the second iteration of this multi-pattern condenser mic and audio interface from Samson.

  • 2020

    Q9u on Samson timeline

    Q9U Broadcast Dynamic USB/XLR Mic

    Samson brings USB connectivity, along with traditional XLR to broadcast dynamic microphones.

Join the Samson Team

Join the Samson Team

At Samson, we are always looking for talented, energetic, and creative team players. We encourage musicians, engineers, sales, or customer service professionals with a background in the consumer and pro audio industries to contact us about our current job opportunities.

Join the Samson Team

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