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Motivating a group calls for proper sound to make sure that you're heard all the way to the back of the room. Whether you're leading a workout group, a yoga or spin class, or even a dance rehearsal, Samson has the gear you need to make sure nobody misses a beat.

Fitness Solutions

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Studio Sound

To set up a group fitness studio, it's critical to have the following essential components. First, a set of high-quality, fitness-specific PA speakers capable of projecting the instructor's voice over the music. Second, a wireless microphone that allows the instructor to move around the room while keeping their hands free. Third, a mixer that can seamlessly connect all audio sources. Finally, all the accessories needed to put the components together.


10" 2-Way Active Loudspeaker with Bluetooth®


Artist Spotlight

Tony Thomas takes his classes to the beach

Tony Thomas is driven. Based out of beautiful Miami Beach, FL, Tony is a self-made success story. The founder of Tony Thomas Sports, Workout Your Wealth and Fitness Kittenz is also a personal trainer, an online fitness guru, plus the owner and co-founder of Beat The Gym. In fact, the trendy Miami lifestyle magazine Ocean Drive has featured Tony as one of the “6 Notable Miami Men Who Are Setting The Bar For Success”.


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