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Samson Launches EarAmp® EWM100 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System at NAMM 2024

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Samson, an industry pioneer in professional audio products, is excited to unveil the new EarAmp EWM100 wireless in-ear monitoring system at the 2024 NAMM show. The EarAmp EWM100 will be available at MI retailers in Q1 as a single system $499.99 MAP, or as a dual pack $699.99 MAP that includes two ER100 bodypack receivers and two sets of Zi150 earphones.

The essential solution for personal monitoring and freedom on stage, the Samson EarAmp EWM100 delivers exceptional audio with superb clarity. EarAmp enhances performance, reduces clutter and provides protected listening, giving performers customizable mixes, reliable connectivity and sound isolation. It offers unparalleled quality and versatility on stage for concerts, worship services, presentations and more.

EarAmp ET100 Transmitter head on no antenna

Flexible Performance Companion
The ER100 receiver is a versatile, compact stereo bodypack that offers a 1/8" stereo output connector for in-ear monitors. The LED display provides clear visibility of settings and operating status. The receiver includes a large volume knob for easy adjustment and buttons to activate the high EQ shelf, limiter, balance and stereo/mono operation, allowing performers to customize their monitoring experience. Powered by two AA batteries, it provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation for reliable performance during rehearsals and performances.

EarAmp ER100 Receiver with Earphones

Dynamic Performance Partner

The ET100 transmitter features a rugged metal 1/2 rack receiver designed to withstand the rigors of tough performance environments. There are two XLR-1/4" combo inputs as well as two 1/4" output jacks for daisy-chaining systems or routing signal for additional feeds. A 1/4" headphone jack allows for convenient monitoring of the transmitted signal. The ET100 can be easily set to transmit stereo or mono signals, providing flexibility for a variety of audio setups. The LED display provides clear visibility of settings, while the transmitter naming feature makes it easy to identify and organize transmitters in a multi system setup.

EarAmp Zi150 Earphones

Hear it All
The Zi150 earphones included with the system deliver exceptional sound quality and impressive dynamics. Equipped with three foam and three rubber ear tips, they provide a secure and comfortable fit. The foam tips are designed for all-day comfort and mold to the shape of your ear, giving a secure grip that keeps the earphones in place and isolates ambient noise allowing you to focus on your performance.

Key Features:

  • Professional-quality wireless in-ear monitoring system
  • Reliable UHF transmission with over 300' (90 m) line-of-sight range
  • Receiver offers stereo and mono modes for added flexibility and custom mixes
  • Multiple receivers can be used with a single transmitter for larger group settings
  • Advanced features include a high EQ shelf, limiter control, and custom naming options
  • Half-Rack Stereo Transmitter with Rack Mount Kit, Features XLR- 1/4" Inputs and 1/4" Loop Outputs
  • The Receiver scan function quickly locates the clearest operating frequency for ease of setup and use
  • Includes Zi150 earphones for discreet use while providing isolation and high-performance sound
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