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Oct 5 2020

Samson to Sponsor NetsGC “Earn Your Spot Tournament”

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Samson and NetsGC, the Brooklyn Nets NBA 2K League affiliate, is inviting NBA2k players to enter the Earn Your Spot Tournament where they’ll have the opportunity to compete for draft eligibility for Season 3 of the NBA 2K League as well as some of Samson’s best gear for game streamers.

Teams will compete against each other on NBA 2K20 on Xbox One in 5v5 Pro-Am mode where the winner will be selected by winning the best of three series every round.  

One participant from the winning team and one participant from the whole tournament will be selected to be draft eligible for Season 3 of the NBA 2K League, in accordance with NBA 2K League guidelines.

The winning team will win a cash prize along with Samson’s G-Track Pro USB Microphones and Z55 Studio Headphones.

MVPs will win the following Samson products as prizes as well:

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