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Derek Roddy
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Derek Roddy

Serpents Rise / Traumedy

Derek Roddy has forever changed the face of Extreme Metal drumming and, has fast become one of the more influential drummers in that field today. Derek is by no means the originator of the blast beat but, one of its biggest innovators, pioneer and educators, propelling Blast Beat drumming to the forefront of modern playing, in ways no other Extreme Drummer had done before him.He has become one of today's most popular clinicians - performing for audiences all over the world. He has been a featured performer at PASIC and the Modern Drummer Festival....and, has played on most every major drum festival worldwide. His own bands include and Both of which are instrumental metal.

Derek's Gear

Resolv SE6

6" 2-Way Active Studio Reference Monitor



Closed-Back Studio Reference Headphones

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