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Norris Frederick
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Norris Frederick

Embracing The Journey Podcast

Upon his graduation from University of Washington in 2008, Norris turned professional in the sport of Track & Field. Since turning professional, Norris has been a 3x Indoor Bronze medalist from Team USA. While achieving much success throughout his professional career Norris, also had to overcome a great deal of adversity. He used these experiences to fuel him on his quest to represent Team USA in the 2016 Olympic Games. Norris’ outstanding work ethic on and off the field has enabled him to consistently be ranked among the best athletes in the world. Throughout the past several years, Norris has channeled his energy into his newest passions: videography, photography and his newest podcast “Embracing The Journey”.

Bring a unique niche to the film world after being one of the worlds best track and field athletes he’s been able to bring athletes from all over the world to his podcast and have a very “different” type of interaction with them! You can follow him on Instagram and see what he has coming up next!

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