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Feb 22 2024

Unleash the potential of your dynamic microphones with the HighRise Active Mic Booster

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If you've ever struggled to get a decent level out of your dynamic microphones, even with your preamp all the way up, you've probably encountered the need for an inline signal amplifier. This is especially common in broadcast applications, where performers aren't always projecting at high volumes.

What is the HighRise and why would you want it?

Enter the Samson HighRise, a signal booster designed to increase the gain of microphone audio signals. Placed between your microphone and audio interface (or preamp), it boosts the signal to usable levels by adding extra gain. The HighRise maintains a super clean and transparent signal without adding any unique characteristics. Think of it as a "pre-preamp" that gives low-output mics a healthy boost before they reach your primary preamp for recording.

HighRise Podcaster

How does the HighRise work?

Known for their low output, dynamic and ribbon microphones often require significant gain to achieve optimal recording levels. While increasing the gain on your preamp or audio interface is the first step, it can still fall short in some scenarios. That's where the HighRise comes in. Using 48V phantom power, it converts and amplifies the audio signal, adding 20 to 30 dB of gain. The result? A clean, uncolored signal that preserves the natural tone of the microphone. Plus, the HighRise doesn't send phantom power to your microphone, so there's no risk of damaging your equipment.


It should be noted, however, that it is not designed to work with phantom-powered condenser microphones unless you have a separate phantom power supply between the HighRise and the microphone.

Using the HighRise: Simple but effective

Using the HighRise is simple. Connect your microphone's output to the HighRise's input, then connect the HighRise's output to your audio interface or mixer's input. Select your desired gain setting and adjust the input trim on your preamp to the desired level. It's that simple!

Podcast setup with Q9x HighRise SR990 MediaOne MXP124FX

Additional features for enhanced audio

The HighRise doesn't stop at boosting gain. It also includes a low-cut filter to remove unwanted low frequencies and a high-frequency boost for added vocal presence. These features contribute to cleaner, more vibrant recordings.


Improving Sound Quality with the HighRise

For those working with dynamic or ribbon microphones that require significant gain, the HighRise can be a game changer. Many streamers and podcasters rely on broadcast microphones, which are notorious for their high gain requirements, and the HighRise ensures a robust signal without overloading the interface.

If your interface has a high Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), the HighRise can help reduce the amount of noise in your signal by allowing you to keep your preamp's input trim at a lower setting.


No drawbacks, only improvements

There is no downside to using the HighRise. It won't damage or degrade your audio signal; it will simply enhance it with a clean, robust level. So if you're struggling to get optimal levels from your dynamic microphones, the Samson HighRise may be the solution you've been looking for.

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