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David Gibson
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David Gibson

Speaker / Content Creator

David Gibson is a speaker, author, coach, storyteller and founder of Elevation Is A Must, a personal growth and media platform that provides leaders with the tools, inspiration, and strategies to build, grow, and live out their ideas and visions. 

Powered by his own experience of being laid off from a corporate career, becoming an entrepreneur, hitting rock bottom while building his business, and discovering hidden qualities and characteristics from within that helped him achieve his goals—He has made it his mission to educate and empower others on how to optimize their potential and become effective leaders. 

David is a dynamic storyteller that creates content designed to provoke thought, shift perspectives, and redefine possibilities for leaders. He hosts the DreamCatchers Worldwide broadcast, an online series that helps leaders develop their mindset and also is the executive producer of The QuEST series, a documentary series on small businesses.

David has made it his mission to provide high quality information and education that gives leaders the blueprint on how to develop effective mindsets and habits that lead to extraordinary results.

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Pencil Condenser Microphones



38-inch Microphone Boom Arm



USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone with Accessories



Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone



XLR / USB Broadcast Dynamic Microphone



Semi-Open Studio Headphones

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